Asia Carrera Biography

Asia Carrera's stunning curves can be seen in more than 250 hardcore movies. Asia's looks combine delicate Asian features with voluptuous silicone breasts. Her fans not only admire her mouth-watering body but also her brains - Asia is known to be a very intelligent person. At the tender age of 13 the daughter of a German father and a Japanese mother already played J. S. Bach on the piano in Carnegie Hall. Thanks to a federal grant she was able to study Japanese language and Economics at Rutgers University in the USA. But this was only after she had run away from home as a teenager because of the pressure her demanding parents put on her. By the age of 17 she was homeless. To get through her studies at the university she turned to stripping. After becoming one of New Jersey's best-paid exotic dancers she decided to devote her life to getting richer and richer. She never wanted to live out on the street again. When she heard about girls making thousands of dollars in the porn biz she moved to Los Angeles. A mutual friend introduced her to director Bud Lee who instantly put her in one of his feature films. The rest - as they say - is history... Today Asia has retired from making adult movies and only ever returns to do the occasional big-budget flick. She runs her own homepage and spends her time chatting with fans via email or day trading shares at the stock exchange.

Don Lemmon (19 December 2003 - 10 June 2006) (his death) 2 children
Bud Lee (27 February 1995 - 29 September 2003) (divorced)


Born of a Japanese father and German mother.

Ran away from home when she was 17.

Taught Colloquial English at Tsuruga College in Japan when she was 16.

Performed as a pianist on stage in Carnegie Hall at age 13.

With an IQ of 156, she is a member of MENSA, an international organization of about 100,000 highly intelligent people whose IQs rank in the top 2 percent of the world's population.

Used to attend Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

Measurements: B-cup naturally; 36C-26-36 after her 2nd implants.

She has 2 brothers and a sister, all younger.

She was a stripper.

Self-taught webmistress of her own site that went online on 17 July 1996.

Favourite game: Unreal Tournament

Gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Catalina Lemmon, on 4th March 2005 at 11:17am.

Her husband nutritionist-author Don Lemmon died in a tragic car accident on 10 June 06, 7 weeks before their second child was born.

2nd child, son Donald Edward Lemmon III was born on July 31, 2006 by unassisted home birth. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces.

Personal Quotes

I've always been an atheist. Science explains everything. There is no meaning in life except to be the best at something. If only I could be the best at something, perhaps my parents would love me.

Religion is silly. When you're dead, you turn into a source for future flowers and plants . . . I don't know what's on the other side of death and it scares me. Darkness and nothingness scare me. I'd rather face the miseries of my day-to-day life than turn into darkness.

Where Are They Now

(March 2004) Moved to Hawaii with her husband Don Lemmon.

(April 2005) In January of 2005, she moved to Utah with husband Don and newborn baby Catalina.

(November 2005) Announced that she and husband Don are expecting a second baby, due in August 2006.

Date of Birth
6 August 1973, New York City, New York, USA

Birth Name
Jessica Andrea Steinhauser

5' 8½" (1.74 m)
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