Filda Elishandi Biography

Filda Elishandi Profile :

Full Name: Filda Elishandi
Nickname: Filda
Place / Date of Birth: Malang, March 12, 1991
Children Go to: 4 Out of 5 brothers
Height / Weight: 162 Cm / 47 Kg
Hobbies: Singing
Favourite movie: Virgin 2
Favorite Musicians: Rossa

Fildha Elishandi

Fildha Elishandi

Fildha Elishandi

Filda Elishandi Biography :

Beginning with the departure of her native region of Malang, East Java to Jakarta just to vacation at her sister's house. It turned out that not only earned vacation only Filda Elishandi or familiarly called Fildha this. The door to a career in film opened in the city which is becoming a prima donna this job seeker. Offered himself for casting a movie, she does not waste this opportunity was lucky indeed to be side. Filda Elishandi also managed to star in films made by Nayato Fio Funila, Gray and White Shoes Kets.

"Fun really, let alone all my friends here to support each other, although initially a bit stiff, I can be a lot of experience," she said when asked the experience filming the movie premiere. Although the world of entertainment is always identified with the negative activity, but the family Filda Elishandi it gives full support to the girl born in Malang, March 12, 1991 this. "Moreover, acting in the movie fits Seeing Gray and White Shoes Kets, my mama would directly provide support to play in the next film," she says.

Obviously the support is balanced by advice from her parents to keep themselves, and choose the movies that played to not dress sexy. Moreover Filda Elishandi indeed come from a religious family. For that Filda Elishandi always try to discuss with her family for every film offered girl.

Acting alone for the girl who claimed the most difficult scene was actually crying familiar lagi.Fildha was already engaged in acting through the theater since the elementary school. By joining in a studio in Malang, Filda Elishandi tried to pursue the theater with a few more performances, and turns out its activities are now very useful for girl. "Actually, the theater was her acting is more over-act, unlike the film which is charged with kenaturalannya, but its same basic, we are acting to be someone else," she explained.

Although the film had started he struggled, but it turns out she claimed would rather sing. From small until now, singing is an activity that most preferred the girl who claimed to like the challenge. "But I will run the first door is already open, and for the future I want to try the soap opera world," she concluded.

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