Top 10 Most Devoted Moms in Hollywood

These top 10 most devoted Hollywood moms were not only chosen for raising their children with unconditional love and devotion but also for the example and high standards of parenting they set for other moms.

1. Angelina Jolie – when this sexy siren publicly announced that she was adopting a baby boy from Cambodia, everyone, including media was skeptical. It looked as many other celebrity adoption cases- another publicity stunt and a clever cry for attention. Little did anyone know that Maddox, her newly adopted son would perform a miracle. He changed a rebellious self destructive deeply troubled young woman into a devoted mother and active charity figure. She publicly admitted, that since the adoption her son made her a real woman, a better person, and she instantly new that she had to take a good care of herself for him. After meeting Brad Pitt on the set of their action flick “Mr and Mrs Smith” sparks flew. It wasn’t long after that Pitt separated from his then wife, Jennifer Aniston and started spending time with Jolie and her son. Together they adopted two more children: a baby girl from Ethiopia and a toddler from Vietnam, as well as produced three biological children of their own. In many of her public appearances and interviews Angie stated that her whole life revolves around her ever growing family, and if she had to chose between motherhood and a career, she would give up her acting career without a doubt. Fortunately all the money she makes from her movies enables her to hire help when she needs to. Unlike many other celebrity figures Jolie is often seen in a park, going for a neighborhood stroll or shopping with her children. She and her life partner make sure that each child gets his or her one-on-one time with parents. Although she calls her life a kayos with six children she cares for, she also says that she would love to have more. Anywhere between seven and fourteen. We always admired Jolie’s taste for adventure, but her motherhood proved to be the most challenging role she ever took on.

2. Jennifer Garner – this former “CIA agent” and action hero-Electra turned “Supermom” over night. When she and Ben Affleck announced their pregnancy, followed by a quickie marriage, the world started a countdown till their divorce application. However, from their daughter Violet’s first day on this Earth, it was clear that Jennifer was going to become a mom unlike any other. She has put her career aside and completely devoted herself to raising her little girl herself, with little or no help. She can often be seen going to the Organic market to pick out fruits for her family, in the park; playing in the sand box with her daughter, bringing Violet to her art classes. After a while it was clear that Jennifer has traded her high hill boots for sneakers and crocks for good. Several years’ later Affleck family welcomed another girl into their family- daughter Serafina. With her image changing, Jennifer went from sexy knockout to becoming the ultimate soccer mom. But when we see her face light up when she is looking at her little girls, we know that the decision came easy. A mother nature herself did it for Jennifer.

3. Marcia Cross – after Marcia’s 2006 marriage to stockbroker Tom Mahoney she made it clear that she was now ready to start a family. However, after a while it became clear that getting pregnant after turning 40 was easier said, the done. After several unsuccessful attempts Marcia became pregnant with fraternal twins, conceived via in-vitro fertilization. Towards the end of her pregnancy Marcia was put a bed rest to prevent her from going into premature labour. Already a star in her popular TV show “Desperate Housewives” Marcia asked the producers to cut down on her appearances in the show until the delivery of her twins. Savannah and Eden were born with a beautiful mane of red hair, resembling their mom. Aside from her work on the set of “Desperate Housewives” Marcia is a hands on mother to her two girls and a devoted wife to her cancer-fighting husband. We hope that Marcia will never feel desperate ever again.

4. Brooke Shields – when this former child star blossomed into a beautiful and talented actress the only thing missing from her life was a role of a mother. However Brook didn’t feel ready for this challenged until she turned 38. While trying to conceive her first child she went through multiple failed attempts and several miscarriages. So when she was finally able to hold her daughter in her hands she was shocked when she felt only negative emotions and sadness. Embarrassed to admit them even to herself Brooke tried to fight her postpartum depression herself privately, only making matters worse. When she finally seeked medical help and got better she decided to make more people aware of the seriousness of the issue, the symptoms recognition and its treatment. She was viciously attacked by a fellow actor, Tm Cruise for her open discussion of medical drug treatment of the depression. Shields did not think twice and fought back proclaiming Cruise irresponsible and ignorant. He later personally apologised for his harsh criticism. When her second daughter came along Brooke was ready to fight the battle she already knew and was able to recognise. However second time around was a charm, and Mrs Shield’s journey as a new mother went as a smooth sailing. We praise Brook for not only being a devoted mother to her children, but also using her celebrity status to bring the awareness of a serious mental illness into the world.

5. Jenny McCarthy – when Jennifer gave birth to her only child- son Evan she had a lot going for her. She was on the highest pick of her popularity, actress, model and comedian she was able to balance her career with motherhood. However, the real drama in Jenny’s life started when she discovered that her son was suffering from spectrum disorder, which affected his neurological development- autism. Upon the shocking discovery Jenny wasted no time in researching the disease and looking for a cure that would help her precious boy get well. After learning more about the mysterious disease Jenny became a spokesperson for research and fight with vaccination, that she believed contributed to her son’s condition. She has also written several book, one of them called “Louder than words” describing her ongoing fight to keep Evan connected with the world and the special wheat /casein-free free diet that she has put him on. We admire this strong woman who is still actively engaged in making her son’s life as normal as possible.

6. Julia Roberts – when this Oscar winning pretty woman met her match, cameraman Danny Moder she wasted no time into settling down and started a family. When she conceived her twins via in-vitro fertilization the family quickly moved to the New Mexico ranch and started raising their family in close to Earth and eco friendly way. In her efforts to live a greener life, Roberts used eco-friendly Seventh Generation disposable diapers with her twins. Two years later Roberts welcomed her third child, son Henry. This time she turned on to the flushable g-diapers. Although admitting to having a nanny to help her with three children, Roberts remains a hands-on mother, and always puts the interests of her children ahead of her own.

7. Nicole Ritchie – adopted daughter of a famous musician Lionel Ritchie, actress and socialite, known for being Paris Hilton’s BFF-turned sour, DUI charges, addiction and eating disorders. In 2007 Ritchie announced that she was expecting her first child with fiance Joel Madden. Ever since she has turned her life around starting from a healthy pregnancy gain weight, breastfeeding and making baby food from scratch. A year later she conceived a second child, due this fall. The amazing transformation occurred when Ritchie realized, that she was now responsible for another human being, and she had to do everything in her power to make her child’s start a healthy one. This is a story of a bad-girl-turned-good with a happy ending.

8. Pamela Anderson – this Sex symbol, actress and model and producer is famous for her scandalous high profile relationships. When she fell in love with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee Anderson fulfilled her longing for having a family. The couple eventually had two sons, and Pamela suddenly found herself in a new and unfamiliar role of a mother. She was one of the first celebrities who tried to make the process as natural as possible; with both of her sons she had home birth, as well as breastfed both of them despite having breast implants. She is advocating for vegetarianism and natural parenting and is often seen volunteering in her sons school. When asked if her son’s find her beautiful Anderson replied that to them she is just an “uncool” mom.

9. Gwen Stefani – the only female member of rock band “No Doubt” this talented singer, designer and entrepreneur dated her then boyfriend for nearly a decade before making it official. A year later their first child – son Kingston was born, shifting Gwen into the “motherhood comes first” mode. Her first solo album was recorded in soon after he was born. She also admitted to recording many of her songs while breastfeeding Kingston, she also attributed her quick post-pregnancy weight loss to it. When her second son came Gwen has put the break on her career, although she claimed that it is motherhood that inspires her. She took the time off to recuperate and be there for her two boys, away from the spotlight. It is unusual for celebrity moms to take time off from successful career; however we are confident that this multitalented mom will make even stronger come back once her boys get older.

10. Cindy Crawford - one of the first generation super models this stunning brunette made the whole world hold its breath when she appeared on the cover of the magazines or on the runway. However after marrying her plastic sergeant husband Cindy decided to retire from her career and concentrate on being a mom. Although she occasionally attends some public events she is most commonly seen bringing her children to school or vacationing with her family. Cindy proved that when it comes to doing something; like shooting for a cover of a magazine or raising her children, she does it with dedication in a “super” way.

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