Gabriela Spanic with her full name Gabriela Elena Spanic Ulterra was born on December 10, 1973 in Ortiz, the state of Guarico in Venezuela. She has a twin sister Daniela, a younger sister Patricia and one brother, Antonio. The Spanic family is traditional Croatian-Venezuelan family.

Biography and Career :
Her father moved with her grandparents from Croatia to Venezuela back in 1947. Gabriela Spanic's grandparents and her father, moved from Croatia to Venezuela, back in 1947.

Gabriela Spanic studied psychology, but she knew all the time that her real passion is acting. In 1992, she participates in "Miss Venezuela" beauty pageant, where she wins the title of "miss Venezuela International."

She first appeared as an extra, which brings her the opportunity to earn bigger parts in the future. Gabriela Spanic appared in "Rosangelica", where she plays Karla. The role the openned her doors to her firts lead role was when she peformed in "Morena Clara" where she shows all of her talent as bitchy Linda Prado. In 1994 her lead role was for sopa opera"Como Tu ninguna". Her partner on the show was Venezuelan actor Miguel de Leon who later became her husband.

Gabriela Spanic moved with her husband moved to Mexico. Two roles were offered to Gabriela. Poor and goodhearted Paulina and evil sarcastic Paola. "La Usurpadora" broke all the records with audiences and become one of the most popular soap opera in Mexico, and in 120 other countries, and translated in 25 languages.

Gabriela Spanic is planning to surprise us with her singing talent in this new project. Her contract with "Televisa" expires in May 2001. Since, she has become such a big star, there is no doubt that "Televisa" will offer her the new one.

Actress Televisa Role

* 2010: Soy tu Dueña .... as Ivana Dorantes Rangel, main female villain/antagonist
* 2001: La Intrusa .... as Virginia Martínez Roldán de Junquera Brito / Vanessa Martínez Del Bosque Itubure (a.k.a.) Junqueira Brito / Valquirya Roldan Itubure, main heroine, dies/ main protagonist
* 1999: Por tu Amor .... as Maria del Cielo Montalvo, main heroine
* 1998: La Usurpadora .... as Paulina Martinez and Paola Bracho, main heroine/main villain

Telemundo Role

* 2006: Tierra de Pasiones .... as Valeria San Román, main heroine
* 2005: Decisiones Daniela / ... (2 episodes, 2005–2007) ... aka Decisiones de famosos - A la Tercera va la Vencida (2007) TV episode .... Daniela - Un Amor Verdadero (2005) TV
* 2004: Prisionera TV series .... as Guadalupe Santos, main heroine
* 2002: La Venganza TV series .... as Valentina Díaz, protagonist

Venevision Role
* 1997: Todo por tu Amor .... as Petra Josefina Marcano alias Amaranta Rey
* 1996: Quirpa de Tres Mujeres TV series .... as Emiliana Echeverría Salazar
* 1996: Como Tú, Ninguna TV series .... as Gilda Barreto
* 1995: Morena Clara TV series .... as Linda Prado
* 1994: María Celeste TV series .... as Celina Hidalgo
* 1993: Rosangelica TV series .... as Carla (unknown episodes)
* 1992: Divina Obsesión TV series
* 1992: La Loba Herida
* 1991: Mundo de Fieras TV series

* 2004:Gabriela Spanic Total
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