Ha Ji-won (Hangul: 하지원; born Jeon Hae-rim Hangul: 전해림 June 28, 1979) is a South Korean actress. She is also the Grand Prize (Korean: 대상) winner of 2005 KBS Acting Awards for her performance in TV drama Hwang Jin-i.


Ha started her career playing supporting roles in television productions. In 2002, Ha Ji-won had her breakthrough role as the lead in the horror film Phone, earning her a best actress nomination at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Since then she has gone on to make films like the Sex Is Zero, Reversal of Fortune, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant and more recently Sector 7. She has also starred in the movie Haeundae.
Ha has also starred in the TV series Something Happened in Bali in early 2004, co-starring Jo In-seong and So Ji-sub. In that project, she played tour guide Lee Soo-jeong, who consequently attracted two men whom she did not like. She won a Baek-Sang Best Actress Award for her performance in this drama.

Music career
She is referenced in the 2008 Wonder Girls' hit song "So Hot". She also began an attempt at a recording career in 2002, releasing a music album titled Homerun.

Television drama
* 2010 Secret Garden (Drama)/Gil Ra Im (SBS)
* 2006 Hwang Jin-i (KBS)
* 2005 Fashion 70's (cameo)
* 2004 Something Happened in Bali (SBS)
* 2003 Damo (MBC)
* 2002 Days in the Sun (KBS)
* Dragons Tears (KBS)
* Love that's bigger than Love (MBC)
* Hak Gyo 2 (KBS)
* 2001 Life is Beautiful (KBS)
* 2000 Secret (SBS)

* 2009 Closer to Heaven
* 2009 Haeundae
* 2008 BA:BO
* 2008 His Last Gift (cameo)
* 2007 Sex Is Zero 2 (cameo)
* 2007 Miracle on 1st Street
* 2005 All for Love (cameo)
* 2005 Duelist
* 2005 Daddy-Long-Legs
* 2004 Love, So Divine
* 2004 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant
* 2003 Reversal of Fortune
* 2002 Sex Is Zero
* 2002 Phone
* 2000 Truth Game
* 2000 Ditto
* 2000 Nightmare

Music video

* "Love Story" by Rain (2008)


* 2009 Best Actress 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards
* 2009 Best Actress 5th Korean University Films Festival
* 2006 KBS Drama Highest Award (Hwang Jin-i)
* 2006 KBS Best Couple Award (with Jang Geun Suk)
* 2006 KBS Netizen Award
* 2004 Baek Sang Best Actress Award
* 2000 Blue Dragon Best Supporting Actress Award
* 2000 Pusan Film Critics Assn. Awards Best New Actress (Truth or Dare)
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