Name : Kania Sutisnawinata
Birth Date : July 16, 1975
Birth Place : Jakarta, Indonesia
Parents : Djunaedi Sutisnawinata and Kanariah
Occupation : Newspresenter

Kania Sutisnawinata is the daughter of Djunaedi Sutisnawinata and Kanariah. Kania's father was a diplomat and has been the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Mexico in 1992-1995. Born in Jakarta on July 16, 1975, Kania had spent her childhood in various countries, including Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United States, and Mexico.

Kania Sutisnawinata married Danurdoro W. Suharno, and already have a daughter named Dinakara Hapsari Suharno.

Kania Sutisnawinata fluent in Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa, Spanish, and French.

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