Date of Birth
Birth Name : Rainie Yang Cheng Lin
Ah Lin
Lin Lin
Xiao Cheng Lin
Cheng Lin
Yeung Sing Lam
Height : 1,62 cm

Mini Biography
Rainie Yang Cheng Lin born Taipei, Taiwan, is known for her acting achievements in many Taiwanese dramas. Since 2001, Rainie has been in 13 Taiwanese dramas. Though she loves to act, she also sings. She was once in a band called "4 in Love" who have disbanded, but she continues to strive for her singing career as a solo artist with her 2005 worldwide release of "Intuition" (Ai Mei) in Mandarin Chinese. She followed up with a second album in 2006, "Meeting Love" (Yu Shang Ai).

Other talents besides acting and singing are dancing, doing gymnastics, and she has also done some hosting with a long running variety show she just finished in 2007, Guess. Her favorite food is cookie dough ice cream. Rainie's hobbies are cuddling with man's best friends, Yumi; reading novels, writing in her journal, and sleeping. She is fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese, Cantonese, and English. Her blood type is AB. Rainie's most recent TV drama was "Hi My Sweetheart" with Show Lo.

One of her most successful shows was "Devil Beside You" where she had the Lead role as "Qi Yue" , playing a high school girl who has a crush on the basketball captain, but soon realizes that her soon to be stepbrother, a real rebel is much more to her liking, his character (Jiang Meng/Ahmon) is played by "Mike He". The drama was an adaptation of a Japanese Manga called Akuma de Souruo written by Mitsuba Takanashi. The show was played on China TV in 2005. After "Devil Beside You" Rainie really blossomed as an actress and a singer, in only 4 years she made 4 successful albums and played the lead role in 5 Drama's and 1 movie "Devil Beside You" included.

Sang a duet with one of her co-stars on Devil Beside You, Mike He.
As a solo artist, Rainie has a total of three albums out starting with Ai Mie in 2005, Meeting Love in 2006, and Free Gate in 2007.
Has had many of her songs inserted into many of her TV dramas including Ai Mei and Li Xiang Qing Ren in Devil Beside You, and Que Yang and Wan Mei Bi Li in Why Why Love.
Worked in two dramas (Devil Beside You and Why Why Love) with actors Mike He and Kingone.
Rainie has a new show airing now called Miss No Good (Bu Liang Xiao Hua) and on its original sound track has one of her songs, Dai Wo Zou (Take Me Away) that will also be released on her fourth up and coming album, Ban Shou Xuan Yan (Not Yet a Woman).

In 2009, she will appear in a drama called Superstar Express.
Was in a girl band called 4 in Love with Cloudie, Sunnie and Windie. This was when she got the name Rainie because it required a name change to a weather-themed title.

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