Roberto Baggio was born in February 18, 1967. He is a retired Italian footballer. In 1993, Baggio won both the Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year. He is the only Italian player ever to score in three World Cups. Baggio is known as Il Divin Codino (The Divine Ponytail), for the hairstyle he wore for most of his career and his Buddhist background. Today, he is rated as one of the finest footballers to have ever played in the history of the game.

Roberto Baggio and his golden trophy

Roberto Baggio celebartion after he make a goal

Roberto Baggio control the ball

Roberto Baggio free kick

Cool pose by Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio with the golden ball

Roberto Baggio kick the ball

Serious pose of Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio looks happy

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